Uganda Cup Past Finalists

08 May 2012

uganda cupOn Saturday, Bunamwaya SC and URA FC clash in the finals of the Bell Uganda Cup in Pece stadium, Gulu. The final will be the 38th in the history of the competition that has twice changed name. First, it was Uganda Cup, then changed name to Kakungulu Cup when after the family of Prince Kakungulu became the competitions' main sponsor and now the Bell Uganda

Cup since Uganda Breweries under their brand of Bell lager are the main sponsors. As Kawowo sports, we bring to you the past finalists from the time of the tourney's inception. Below is the full list.

1971 Coffee SC 2-1 Simba SC.

1972 - 1975 Competion suspended.

1976 Gangama Utd 0-0 Coffee SC (Gangama won 4-2 on penalties).

1977 Simba SC W/o Nytil.

1978 Nsambya 1-0 UCB.

1979 KCC FC W/o UCB.

1980 KCC FC 2-0 Maroons FC.

1981 Coffee SC 1-1 UCB (Coffee won 5-4 on penalties).

1982 KCC FC 1-0 Nile FC. (Game abandoned in the 75 minute after Nile walked off the pitch, KCC were declined winners).

1983 SC.Villa 1-0 KCC FC.

1984 KCC FC 3-2 Coffee SC.

1985 Express FC 3-1 KCC FC.

1986 SC.Villa 2-0 Tobacco.

1987 KCC FC 1-0 SC.Villa.

1988 SC.Villa 3-1 Express FC.

1989 SC.Villa 4-2 Express FC.

1990 KCC FC 3-0 SC.Villa.

1991 Express FC 4-1 Nile FC.

1992 Express FC 1-0 Nile FC.

1993 KCC FC 2-1 Dairy Heroes FC.

1994 Express FC 0-0 KCC FC (Express won 4-3 on penalties).

1995 Express FC 2-0 Posta (aet).

1996 UEB 1-0 Nile FC.

1997 Express FC 4-1 UEB.

1998 SC.Villa 2-0 Simba SC.

1999 Mbale Heroes 0-0 Lyantonde FC (Heroes won 3-0 on penalties).

2000 SC.Villa 1-0 Military Police FC.

2001 Express FC 3-1 SC.Villa.

2002 SC.Villa 2-1 Express FC.

2003 Express FC 3-1 Police FC.

2004 KCC FC 1-1 Express FC (KCC FC won 4-2 on penalties).

2005 URA FC 2-1 KCC FC. 2006 Express FC 2-1 Maji FC.

2007 Express FC 0-0 KCC FC (Express won 4-2 on penalties).

2008 Victors FC 1-0 Kinyara FC. 2009 SC.Villa 2-1 URA FC.

2010 Victors FC 1-1 Simba SC (Victors won 5-4 on penalties).

2011 Simba SC 2-1 URA FC.

NOTE: Gangama United later changed name to Mbale Heroes.

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