Golola Knocks Out Tugume in a Record Ten Seconds

It took African Kick Boxing Champion Moses Golola just ten seconds to show he is the king of the game in Uganda after he knocked out national Champion Titus Tugume in a bout at Freedom City in Kampala.

The highly anticipated fight preceded by gimmicks from both fighters was watched by a record mammoth crowd in the history of Ugandan kickboxing but could not even last a round after Tugume’s head met a heavy punch from the man credited for promoting the game immediately it  kicked off.

The UPDF soldier who had promised to beat Golola to death landed awkwardly on the floor and couldn’t continue leaving many wondering whether the match was fixed or Golola’s punch had taken the hell out of a man regarded by most as the favourite before the bout.

Golola’s strategy was to achieve the victory as fast as possible and it indeed worked in his favour as Tugume was still learning his trade.

“I am not contented and call for a rematch”, Tugume who spent close to a minute on the ground lying unconsciously told the media.

“For now, everybody knows who is a true champion and who isn’t”, an excited Golola told the crowd after the victory.

At this moment, his fans were chanting ‘Emu Emu Emu’ in translated as one in reference to the one punch he used to tame Tugume.

Though a section of fans cried foul alleging that the bout was fixed to con their monies, others were contented that such wins happen in boxing and kickboxing reminding colleagues of how Mike Tyson used to finish off opponents even when the crowds were still at the gates paying.

In the end, Tugume who had displayed a coffin in which he intended to burry Golola after the fight ironically turned out that Tugume needed the coffin after all.