Soana, URA match cancelled few minutes to kick off | Uganda Premier League

As Usual, both teams headed on Kavumba Recreation pitch for warm ups ahead of one of Uganda top flight games scheduled in Wakiso district on Tuesday evening. 13 minutes into the warm up, URA FC players were seen walking the pitch off pitch.

URA FC head coach, Alex Isabirye revealed the reason to Kawowo Sports when approached.

I have received a phone call from our secretary ordering me not to take players to pitch. Its why they have gone back to the dressing room.

In the meantime, Soana FC players and match day officials (headed by Brian Nsubuga) continued with warmups until end of the time allocated for warm ups and proceeded to dressing rooms.

Over 30 fans had turned up to watch the game but were surprised to see only Soana fc players and referees marching to the pitch — minus the visiting team.

Let us wait for time to elapse then i will blow the ending whistle and we call it a day”. The match-day referee, Brian Nsubuga was heard telling Soana players.

Home team substitutes were also seated alongside the match-day commissioner, George Kabwimukyi on the benches. It was not until heavy rains that forced FIFA referee Brian Nsubuga to order the home side go back to dressing rooms.

And finally everything ended there as both teams dressed prepared to set off. One of URA team officials who preferred anonymity spoke to Kawowo Sports afterwards.

It’s now the league organising committe to seat and decide what do.

Other fixtures of the day were went ahead. Kawowo Sports will keep you updated with the outcome from the league authorities.

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