Dissatisfaction among aspirants as UVF goes to polls on Sunday

Sunday January 8, 2017 is the date set for elections as Uganda Volleyball Federations will be run by either Eddie Okilla, Hadijah Namanda or Joseph Odong.

But before that, Okilla and a group of other aspirants are not happy with how the process is being handled especially the voter’s register that is believed to have a number of loopholes

On Thursday morning Okila together with Hassan Ssekajoolo, Patricia Ahumuza, Apollo Kalanzi and Joseph Mary Ssempiira addressed the media about double standards says to the elections.

We want to raise a flag with a couple of days to the election, there is not confirmed voters’ list, the one we received from the federation includes ‘ghost clubs’ and schools that don’t even play volleyball. The Voters list includes schools and clubs that don’t meet the eligibility benchmarks set out in the volleyball constitution of 2005

Ssekajoolo told Journalist at the Lugogo Tennis Club in reference to Article 2.2.5 of the Uganda Volleyball Federation constitution states that: Members are affiliated to the UVF by regularly paying their annual fees to UVF and should ensure that their dues to UVF are paid annually.

Kalanzi who is vying for the post of treasurer with Adam Mugisha later highlighted on the ‘ghost’ affiliates that appear on the voters list that before tomorrow morning had 82 voters but was later updated to 102 voters.

There is Matugga Islamic school in Matugga that has never participated in volleyball activities since 1974, the other is Kampala Volleyball Club has never existed in the history of Ugandan volleyball

Also Article of the UVF constitution highlights on the composition of the delegates: The congress is composed of delegates accredited by premier clubs, district associations (promotional clubs, schools and institutions whose district associations are yet to be affiliated)

Article states: Failure by members to participate in at least one of the competitions, organized by the UVF during a two year period, without any valid reasons, will result in them automatically losing voting rights during the next congress.

The federation has invited delegates from even entities that don’t qualify, we are wondering why these delegates will make the trip when they don’t comply. This matter has also affected our campaign as we fear we may have preaching to the wrong target in some cases or even nominated by non-conforming parties

Ssekajoolo added, outgoing UVF’s treasurer Joseph Odong who is also contesting for the post of president together with Hadijah Namanda couldn’t be reached for a comment on the whole scenario.

Uganda Volleyball Federation aspirants for 2017-2021

President: Eddie Okila, Joseph Odong, Hadijah Namanda
First Vice president: Joseph Mary Ssempiira, Isima Bagaga
Second Vice President: Patricia Ahumuza
General Secretary: Cornelius Engwenyu, Hassan Ssekajoolo
Treasurer: Apollo Kalanzi Mujabi, Adam Mugisha
District Association Representative North: Innocent Komaketch
District Association Representative East: Patrick Okore
Club Representative: Andrew Okapis

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