Beach Soccer: Scramble for playoff slots continues

National Beach Soccer League (Latest results):

Moonson Group:

  • Mengo Hospital 4-9 St Lawrence
  • Muteesa 1 Royal Univesity 5-4 YMCA
  • Ms Sand Lions 2-5 Real Galaticos

Hurriken Group:

  • KIU 2-4 Stormers
  • Talented 1-10 MUBS
  • IUEA 1-8 Nkumba Select
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As the second round games at the Pepsi National Beach Soccer League rage on, the competition for playoff slots has intensified.

Moonson Group leaders YMCA suffered their second loss following a narrow 5-4 defeat to Mutesa I Royal University.

Their closet challengers and defending champions, Nkumba Select humiliated IUEA 8-1.

Now, Nkumba Select and YMCA both have 18 points from 8 games played.

Dalumba International, MUBS and Mutesa I have 9, 12 and 15 points respectively and have not given up the chase for the available four play off slots.

Under the Hurriken Group, St. Lawrence University is definitely out of reach with a massive 24 points.

They are followed by Stormers and Real Galaticos (both with 15 points), KIU (13) and Kabalagala Rangers with 7 points.

© Kawowo Sports | DAVID ISABIRYE
Uganda Beach Soccer Association (UBSA) Deo Mutabazi

Next Matches:

With the next fixtures coming up on 26th February 2017, the race is far from finish.

Stormers play Kabalagala Rangers, Talentes take on Mutesa I Royal University, Dalumba International faces the MUBS test, MS Sand Lions play the whipping boys Mengo Hospital, Real Galacticos face KIU and IUEA entertain YMCA.

The race for the golden boot is also taking shape.

Ben Ocen of MUBS leads the scorers with 22 goals. He is followed by the chasing pack of Emmanuel Kalyowa (St Lawrence) and Nkumba Select’s Roch Somoka with 16 and 14 goals respectively.

Uganda Beach Soccer Association (UBSA) Chairman Deo Mutabazi is glad for the healthy competition among the clubs and the players themselves;

It is always good to see the league develop. This competition is a sign of steady progress.

The league is played at Lido Beach in Entebbe.

Top Scorers:

Ben Ocen (MUBS) – 22 Goals

Emmanuel Kalyowa (St Lawrence) – 16 Goals

Roch Somoka (Nkumba Select) – 14 Goals

Derrick Kabega (Kabalagala Rangers) – 12 Goals

Julius Rulinda (Mutesa 1 Royal University) – 12 Goals

John Kokas Opejo (Dalumba International) – 11 Goals

Faizo Muwawo (YMCA) – 10 Goals

Mwachukwu Onyikachi (Talented) – 9 Goals

Yusuf Jolooba (MS Sand Lions) – 9 Goals

Isaac Eshioke (KIU) – 9 Goals

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