Chess players advised to maintain connection outside chess

Hillary Kimbugwe, assistant Sports tutor at Makerere University Business School urged chess players to uphold their connection away from the chess board.

While addressing players on Sunday at the Zone 4.2 Qualifiers closing ceremony, Kimbugwe said: “It’s a pleasure seeing such a number turn up for the event. I want to thank you players for honoring this event and making sure it turns out a success.

“We consider this a small family; the friendship and connection should not stop here. As you carry out your other businesses, network with your fellow chess players. Continuity is what we should all be looking at.

“Help each other and maintain discipline.”

Kimbugwe, appearing as the chief guest at the ceremony held at the University further encouraged players to dedicate their time and energy into the game if they are to make their names household names.

“Do not leave chess. Work hard and ensure you participate in all these events and make sure you’re among the top performers. Target those top positions. This is how you will get the media attention. This is how you will make your name a brand.”

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