Kieran Lumb makes Canada team for Kampala World Cross Country

Kieran Lumb, a first-year engineering student at the University of British Columbia (UBC), qualified to represent Canada at the 2017 Kampala World Cross Country Championships for March 26.

The 18-year-old beat the best runners in the province at the BC High School Cross Country Championships, before coming 26th at the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) Cross Country Championships.

He finished 26th, in a field of about 330 other athletes, propelling the men’s team to its third-place finish at the championships.

Photo Credits: Patrick Gillin

His time in Kingston also qualified him for the North American, Central American and Caribbean Athletics Association Cross Country Championships (NACAC) —also known as the Pan American Cross-Country Cup — in Boca Raton, Florida.

Lumb tied for gold with Arturo Reyna Tristan from Mexico.

Kampala’s temperatures are however worrying for most athletes from Canada with expectations of around 28 to 30 degrees.

Lumb together with lead endurance coach, Chris Johnson have now set up drills involving a sauna and treadmill sessions at the Lululemon lab, at the UBC Sports science department.

“They actually have a heat acclamation chamber and a treadmill in that chamber so they’re able to make the temperature and humidity of the room mimic what Kieran will face in Uganda,” Johnson to The Ubyssey.

“Although it’s on a treadmill, at least we can mimic it,” said Johnson. “We can simulate the climate that he’s going to be up against.”

Kampala will be the fourth African city in the history of the IAAF World Cross Championships to host the tournament after Guiyang of China passed the baton in 2015.

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