Akankwasa clinches Inaugural Entebbe Pastors’ Marathon

2017 Entebbe Pastors’ Marathon:

  • Winner: Jonathan Akankwasa
  • 1st Runners up: Alex Saiga
  • 2nd Runners up: Primo Agotre

Junior Catergory:

  • Winner: Levi Sande
  • 1st Runners up: Isaac Ikara
  • 2nd Runners up: Isaac Wagada
Ronald Kalema Basamula Ekere, the Speaker of Katabi Town Council during a marathon held in Entebbe

Jonathan Akankwasa crossed the finishing tape at the Mayors’ gardens first to beat over 150 runners in the inaugural Entebbe Pastors’ marathon.

This was in the 21km race where he ran faster than Alex Saiga and Primo Agotre who finished in second and third places respectively.

Other elite runners with respectable positions were Patrick Cheptoek, Gideon Grace and Baron Kwesiga who completed the top six slots.

Junior Category:

Levi Sande came top of the juniors below 18 years. He was closely followed by the Isaac entity of Ikara and Wagada who came in the respective second and third positions.

The marathon was an idea of Pentecostal pastors living in Entebbe Municipality spur headed by Michael Daniels Ssekandi.

Ssekandi collectively appreciated the efforts of all pastors whose mobilization skills could never be underestimated to make the marathon a success.

In the same vein, he showered praise to all the participants that sacrificed their precious time to take part with a goal of raising funds to improve water wells in Entebbe Municipality.

Quoted by Entebbe News, a web portal, Ssekandi noted;

I would like to thank all the pastors and runners who have participated in the Inaugural Entebbe Pastors Marathon.

The goal of the Marathon is to provide safe water wells and springs for the less fortunate residents in Entebbe Sub-District (Entebbe Municipality Division ‘A’, Division ‘B’ and Katabi Town Council).

Secondly, we have over 250 churches in Entebbe Sub-District and through the marathon we will continue to unite as Pastors under our umbrella association the Entebbe Pastors Fellowship (EPF).

The marathon will be held annually on Good Friday to celebrate the Crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ

Exceling runners in the senior and junior categories were rewarded with different prizes.

At least 150 participants took part in the run whose start and finishing points were at the Entebbe Mayor’s Gardens in Katabi.

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