Dejected Kasule questions integrity and fairness of FUFA Electoral Committee

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Mujib Kasule

If the roof top of the Wandegeya-based Tipsy Restaurant could be blown off by mere words, then the strong and well assembled verbal artillery of Mujib Kasule during a highly charged media briefing on Tuesday would have done the task to perfection.

In what will remain as one of the best attended sports press conferences this year, Kasule, usually embedded in a calm personal shell, exploded in sheer eloquence as he narrated the short falls to his failed bid to be nominated for FUFA Executive Elections slated for August 5, 2017 at Masindi Resort Hotel.

By 11:19 a.m, the CAF Coaching Instructor, Proline Football Club director cum head coach made majestic strides to the fully packed press room.

The traditional smile of old had faded off. He wore a sky blue shirt and was in company of long term comrade and chairman of Proline Football Club William Bakabulindi.

An avalanche of still and video cameras beamed in his direction, voice recorders were well set and many journalists paid keen attention armed with notebooks and pens.

At 11:20 a.m, the much awaited briefing which had been slated to kickoff at 11 a.m started.

Bakabulindi, in a remorseful state apologized for the sour time management before the man of the moment, Mujib Kasule took to the floor.

Straight away, he embarked on the attack to the FUFA Electoral Committee and the person of the incumbent FUFA President, Moses Magogo.

I was totally frustrated by the FUFA Electoral Committee.

They had the mission to let me down and front the sole candidature of Magogo.

The whole process was not fair at all. It was very biased.

Because I have been part of the system, I was beating them at their own game. I know what to do and when.

Because I knew I was in a battle, I changed my tactics so many times and they failed.

Without mincing words, Kasule hinted on the sole candidature project that started over a year ago.

It did not start from the time I picked the pay slips and forms or yesterday.

This is a project that migrated from the FUFA Assembly in Luwero where it failed.

He then gave a detailed narration from the time he made the decision to pick the pay slips and forms eventually.

Kasule acknowledged picking the nomination forms late but cited sabotage by the FUFA Electoral Committee.

Fine, I picked the pay slips and forms late but they (EC) managed to let me down.

I encountered so many problems after picking the forms.

The incumbent’s camp reached an extent of denying me access to the delegates.

Many delegates confessed before me that they had been promised juicy posts, threatened and found a lot of difficulties in getting access to them.

Kasule castigates Magogo, Government and Police

Although the Proline boss testified having no personal differences with the incumbent Magogo, he confessed irreconcilable views with him about the presidency.

Kasule branded Magogo as someone who had built a fortress at FUFA House in Mengo, the main headquarters of the federation.

He even hinted on the ploy the incumbent to lure him to his camp.

Kasule cited the initial differences that arose as he was still serving as one of the Vice Presidents stemming from the 20% profit to whoever lures a sponsorship to the federation.

Straight away, I was against the 20% profit. What happens to football when you take all that money? Millions of young footballers are suffering down there.

FUFA is stinking with corruption. The footballers (active and retired) are denied access to FUFA.

Property is destroyed. People, the media are battered at FUFA House while Government, Police is just looking on.

I will fight on because this is not taking our football anywhere. The media, players, Police, Government have done their part and failed.

By 12:45 p.m when had aired out his personal grievances, he sighed he spoke of the way forward.

“There are courts of law but I will not go there. There is quitting but I will not quit. I will fight on. Proline Football Club mandates me to address the issues before FIFA. I and my people shall meet in few days to decide if to appeal through the FUFA Appeals Committee or not. I am writing a dossier about the ills of football in Uganda. Fine, we qualified to the Africa cup of Nations, then, what next?” he pondered.

He summarized;

I hold high esteem of the delegates and I am aware of the struggles they undertake to serve the game of football.

I am not about to quit. I never quit as a player. I never quit as a football administrator. I never quit when my Proline was relegated dubiously. I am not about to quit.

My energies are going to be insurmountable. My voice is going to be deeper and louder. The players, fans, and sponsors have to benefit.

Many people have run away. I will fight for the players – those who are playing and those who retired.

Disrespect to the main stake holders of the game (footballers) should stop immediately.

The options to do are many. There is one for the courts of law. There is one for quitting completely.

But, I will opt for seeking redress through football means.

The situation is really, really, really bad. The statures are not respected.

The FUFA Electoral Committee threw out Kasule’s nomination bid on technicality grounds that he failed to comply with the FUFA Electoral Code.

Incumbent President Magogo was the only successful candidate nominated ahead of Friday’s declaration.

88 members of the General Assembly will convene at Masindi Resort Hotel as hosted by the FUFA Kitara Region on August 5, 2017 for the 93rd convention where the elections of the FUFA Executive for the 2017-2021 will be top on the agenda.

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