Bombers pledge more after Africa Championships

Africa Boxing Championship medalists Muzamir Kakande, David Ayiti and Geoffrey Kakeeto

Having won three medals from the recently concluded African Confederation Boxing Championship in Congo Brazzaville, the national boxing team, the Bombers, has pledged more medals and success for the nation.

The team touched down at Entebbe Airport Tuesday morning and later presented the medals won to the press just outside the Lugogo Indoor Stadium.

Team captain Shadir Musa revealed that the team was happy with the performance even though they felt they could have returned with more than three medals.

“Even those who lost still have big dreams. We are not going to rest until we have achieved these dreams,” Musa, who lost to Namibia’s eventual gold medalist, said.

Coach Muhammad Hassan’s team of nine pugilists produced a gold medal and two silver medals.

Muzamir Kakande, who won Uganda’s only gold from the games, revealed that he will not stop working and is already gearing up for the World Championships set for August in Germany.

Super heavy David Ayiti, and bantamweight Geoffrey Kaketo won the two silver medals as Uganda appeared in the finals of a major tournament for the first time since the 2004 Aiba Africa Olympics qualifiers.

The trio directly qualified for the World Championships in Hamburg, Germany and will not have time to rest as preparations are set to start early.

“This is just the beginning. The more you win the hungrier you get, I want to win more medals” Kakande, the new African welterweight champion, said.

For Ayiti, the medal he is wearing now could have been a golden one had it not been for the injury he sustained before the final.

He was knocked out by Cameroon’s Arsene Foko Fosso in the final but believes there is a lot of time for him to work towards being Africa’s next champion.

Middleweight Yusuf Babu believes the exposure and experience attained by rubbing shoulders with the continent’s best presents him a new challenge for which he is more than prepared.

He still believes his fate at the event was decided by biased officiating as he lost to Egypt’s double-Olympian Hossam Hussein Bakr Abdin.

“I feel victorious because I gave it my best. I cannot wait for the next challenge,” he said

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