Silverbacks coach Juruni labels 2017 AfroBasket group fair

Silverbacks coach Mandy Juruni on the touchline during the opening game of 2015 AfroBasket against Tunisia

On Sunday afternoon, Uganda were drawn in Group B of the 2017 AfroBasket alongside Angola, Morocco and the Central Africa Republic.

Uganda is the least ranked (21st) of the four countries in the group with Angola ranked 3rd, Central Africa Republic 8th and Morocco 10th.

None the less, Silverbacks head coach Mandy Juruni labels the group tough but fair.

“It’s tough in one sense and fair in another sense,” he says. “It’s tough because we are the lowest ranked team in our group. Having Angola and Morocco we know those are power house teams in Africa, Central Africa Republic have been champions before so we cant say they are really a weak team.

“It’s fair in a sense that we have played CAR before in the last campaign and we though we could win that game so it gives us a feeling that we can beta this that we have got a second chance.

“We have played Morocco at club level with City Oilers playing their best team and may be that can give s confidence that they are not too far away from us. So really us target should be those two teams because we know Angola is way up there.

“So, I will say it’s a fair deal in that sense and a tough group in the sense or rankings but you know rankings is just numbers. I believe with good man power and good preparations and the experience we got from last time, we should be able to play better than we did last time.”

The team is expected to be named in the coming days and training will start on August 1 with the local based players for three weeks before the foreign based players join the camp.

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