Senegal football club suspended after stampede that killed eight

US Ouakam, a football club in Senegal has been suspended by Senegal’s Football Federation (FSF).

The side will no longer feature in any football activity sanctioned by the football governing body following a stampede which resulted in the deaths of eight fans.

US Ouakam pelted stones at rival fans, several witnesses attest

Close to 100 spectators were injured as violence ensued, police fired tear gas, a wall also crumbling on fans.

US Ouakam fans running away from tear gas

“US Ouakam are temporarily suspended,” the FSF said in a statement.

The FSF’s disciplinary committee will decide on sanctions against Ouakam in the subsequent days.

According to The AFP news agency,  several witnesses claim Ouakam fans pelted stones and other projectiles at the Mbour supporters.

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