Giants Of Africa team in Uganda to give kids a chance

Uganda has never had a player feature in the NBA or even the Euro League, two of the biggest basketball leagues in world basketball.

And, if that is to ever happen, it has to be through a well choreographed plan that will help churn out young talent ready to face the challenges that come with playing at such a big level.

The Giants of Africa youth basketball clinic started Saturday morning at Kampala International School with 50 young players getting skills from some of the world’s best trainers.

The Renowned grassroots basketball programme has made it’s first attempt at giving the young lads a chance to express themselves through basketball and is, according to FUBA president Ambrose Tashobya, here to stay.

Having run from August 7-9 in Kigali, the programme will serve six African countries including Kenya, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Senegal.

Founded in 2003, Giants of Africa is a non-profit organisation and was initiated by now Toronto Raptors president, Masia Ujiri.

The biggest target for the programme is to make a difference for kids in Africa using basketball as a tool.

The organisation’s mission is to use the game of basketball to educate and enrich the lives of the African youth by providing quality facilities, coaching and instruction.

After the Uganda camp, the Giants of Africa team will head to Nairobi, Kenya, where they will conduct a similar camp August 13-15.

The skills sessions given by Giants of Africa are tailored to develop aspiring basketball athletes both on and off the court.

Patrick Mutombo, assistant coach at Toronto Raptors, revealed that playing in the NBA is very hard but not impossible and urged the Ugandan kids to dare to dream.

“There’s definitely talent here and the kids just have to work hard,” Mutombo said.

Whereas basketball is what the programme fronts, there is a lot more the kids are expected to learn and not necessarily pursuing a career on court.

Discipline, hard work, passion and team work are some of the values the Giants of Africa are preaching.

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