CACMs set to discuss new ARC regulations for 2018

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zambia’s ARC contender Leroy Gomes

The Confederation of African Countries in Motorsports (CACMs) will be at task to access and pass the proposed amendments for the 2018 Africa Rally Championship (ARC).

Motorsport heads from around the continent meet this weekend in Abuja, Nigeria to discuss the future of ARC.

Muna Singh, a member of the FIA Rally Commission on ARC proposed a number of regulations that he believes can work towards rejuvenating the African championship.

“After consulting several people, I came up with proposals for next year’s ARC regulations.

“These proposals were sent out to all country representative for in depth analysis prior to the CACMs meeting. It will be up to the CACMs to decide the final regulations for next season,” he told Kawowo Sports.

Among the major amendments include the points’ scoring system.

The scoring system (article 5.1.1)

Two options have been provided on how crews should score from the events.

Options A needs competitors to score with their overall position they finish in an event (finish third and get points for third).

Option B requires that crews will score independently in their own category as long as they are registered for the championship with homologated cars.

Meanwhile, option A was earlier this year brought up only for FIA to turn it down on grounds that competitors were not notified on time.

The Points system

Members will choose either to follow the normal points system (25, 18, 15, 12…) or to adopt the new system (25 points, 21, 18, 16, 14…)

“The proposed points could make the competition tighter unlike the normal one which gives a big margin between the first and second in an event.

“If one person wins twice, he is already very far, but it wont be the case with the new one and needs crews to compete tightly,” says Muna.

Another amendment that will be put to vote is Article 5.3

The proposal includes crews having to do four events, at least two from each region (North and South). Some championship rounds will carry bonus points. Ivory Coast’s will be allocated double the championship points, Zambia and South Africa will have fifty percent more points.

A convoy format recce or a controlled format recce led by organisers is another proposal for next year like it is in South Africa.

Tracking system, start order, historic rally cars, rally distance will also be discussed before the final regulations for the 2018 ARC.

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