New scoring system approved for 2018 ARC rules

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Free registration, new scoring system, new points system and closed routes are the major changes to next year’s Africa Rally Championship (ARC) regulations.

The Confederation of African Countries in Motorsports (CACMs) meeting last weekend in Abuja, Nigeria confirmed the changes.

The meeting was attended by FIA president Jean Todt attended along with nineteen FIA member countries from Africa.

Excerpts from the resolutions include;

Free registration for all crews

Registration for ARC is completely removed and made free to all crews participating in an ARC event. Hovewer, only crews with homologated cars will be considered.

New point system

The new point system will now consider 14 finishers instead of 10 and the margin between points has been reduced. The new points are 25, 21, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1.

With the new scoring system finally approved, championship points will be awarded for the actual position of the competitor in an event.

Muna Singh who proposed the rule believes the new system will increase the competition among the ARC contenders.

In the other new changes, closed routes was further emphasised and a must for all ARC events in 2018.

The penalty for deviation from a route was reduced from ten to five minutes.

Restart after retirement on day one was permitted but crews will not be classified on the final results.

The 2018 ARC calendar was also passed.

Rally Bandama Cote D’Voire will open the season on 23-25th February 2018.

Safari Rally Kenya 16-18th March 2018
York Rally South Africa 19-21th April
Zambia rally 22-24th June
Pearl of Africa Uganda Rally 20-22nd July
Rally Tanzania 24-26th August
Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Rally 21-23rd September.

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