Keshwala Boys to battle Cosmos in Night Cricket Final

Cosmos Warriors used their second chance well by defeating Afridi XI in the second qualifier last night.

Pak Stallions

Afridi XI defeated Handi XI in a tension packed game in lugogo on Tuesday night with Cosmos lying in wait having lost the 1st Qualifier to Keshwala Boys on Monday night.

In a repeat of the 1st Qualifier Keshwala Boys will face Cosmos Warriors in the final on Friday night.

The 2 best teams in season 5 have made the final and the Indian Pakistan rivalry will make the final more interesting. Keshwala Boys is an Indian backed team while Cosmos Warriors is from the Pakistan community.

There is only one guarantee come Friday that we shall have a new champion as defending champs Pak Stallions were knocked out at the group stages.

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