Ssegwanyi, Emojong braced for GM norm tourney

International Masters Arthur Ssegwanyi and Elijah Emojong are set to battle at a Grandmaster norm tournament.

© Kawowo Sports | AISHA NAKATO
Elijah Emojong

The top two seeds in the East African region will come face to face with Grandmasters from across the world this month from 20-25 at the Henry Chilufya Memorial Chess Tournament in Zambia.

Grandmasters Gupta Abhijeet [India], Petr Kiriakov [Russia], Greenfeld Alon [Israel] and Adly Ahmed from Egypt are some of the big names set to take part in this competition, and Uganda will be represented by its only two IMs who will be seeking to scoop a GM norm.

A norm is a high level of performance in a chess tournament.

No Ugandan player, past or present has ever attained a GM norm, but with this opportunity presenting itself, Ssegwanyi and Emojong have a chance to attain one.

A GM norm is one of the routes to a Grandmaster title- the ultimate title in chess.

To qualify for this title through this route, a player must achieve at least two GM norms in events. One must also achieve a tournament performance rating [TPR] of at least 2600 in an event to qualify.

Hosts Zambia will have IM Mwali Chitumbo, IM Gilian Bwalya, IM Phiri Richmond, IM Stanley Chumfwa among others search for the same.


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