Urshlla relishing ARC experience

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Leroy and Urshlla Gomes

Urshlla Gomes is this year’s top female competitor in the Africa Rally series. And as the curtains come down on the championship, the Zambian is relishing the experience gained from the series.

“ARC for Leroy and I has been amazing. We have learned something new from each event. We are privileged to be sittling second on the ARC log with some of Africa’s best,” she says

“I have learnt a lot as a co-driver and event organiser as well. Met so many people and genuine friends. And for me that has been one of the greatest addition of my rally career.”

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Urshlla and Leroy Gomes

Co-driver and wife to Leroy Gomes, Urshlla has pushed the co-driver title to the wire; she is 22 points behind leader Drew Sturrock.

Only a non finish for Drew in Zambia could get Urshlla the title in case she finishes in top positions on the ARC.

“I may not have won the title yet, my husband may not have won the driver championship but we have gained a lot together and he will always be my champion,” she asserted.

Urshlla and Leroy have kept this year’s ARC series competitive. They covered all the ARC rounds this year in a Mitsubishi Evo X registering a single DNF (did not finish) in Ivory Coast.

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The Gomes racing team

Ahead of the finale, the Gomes racing crew maintains their previous anticipation as they head for yet another ARC experience.

“When we started ARC, we both agreed that we were doing it for the experience and time making memories with our family.

“It will be the same case with our home event. Do it for fun. We will take on the race like before and enjoy the experience and opportunity to host foreign crews as well,” she said.

Meanwhile, over 30 crews will take part in the Gomes Pembe Zambia International Rally.

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