Kickboxer Moses Golola off for isolation training on Lake Victoria Island

WKBF Super Middle Fight (8th December 2017):

  • Moses Golola (Uganda) Vs Janos Lakatos (Hungary)
  • At Tervan Woods, Kabuusu
  • Entry Fees: 30,000 & 50,000
Moses ‘Of Uganda’ Gololoa aboard the boat to Koome Island on Lake Victoria

Kick boxer Moses ‘Of Uganda’ Golola will never fail to amuse with his unending episodes prior to, during and after his sell out fights

From tales of comic talk to serious business in the ring, Golola has it all, and, in plenty.

Over the years, he has clearly demonstrated that his verbose character exactly matches the heavy blows and kicks to the opponents in his midst.

Barely three weeks to the long awaited World Kick Boxing Federation Super Middle fight between the prized Ugandan and Hungarian Janos Lakatos, Golola has fled to the tranquil lake Victoria islands of Koome.

Weeks after the plight of losing his father, Golola left for the Islands to fully concentrate in the preparations for the upcoming fight.

I have decided to settle at Koome Islands to have full concentration with good training away from the town. I packed everything to use and eat including cement that i will feast on to harden my body

He left for the islands with an assortment of fresh and starchy foods, training gear and workmate alike.

Moses Golola with some of the fresh fruits and foods at Ggaba landing site as he left for Koome Islands

Golola is expected to return on the main land with four days left to the main fight slated for the 8th December 2017 at Tervan Woods in Kabuusu.

According to the promoters of the fight, Vanilla International Company, the proceeds from this fight will be channeled towards the construction of Golola Kick boxing academy in the Kampala Surburb of Kawempe.

Golola has previously won most international fights hosted in Kampala.

Egyptian Saber Abdelgani is one of the latest victims to fall prey for the hard punching Ugandan, whom many believe is the god father of kick boxing in Uganda.

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