Bamasaaba Bikuka Tubaana Sports Tourney 2017: Neutral grounds to host quarter finals

Bamasaaba Bikuka Tubaana Sports Tourney 2017:

  • Quarter finals kick off on 9th December

The quarter finals of the inaugural  Bamasaaba Bikuka Tubaana Sports Tournament will be held at neutral play grounds unlike the group stage matches, organizers have communicated.

According to the tournament media laison officer, Ronnie Wabomba, the decision was ruled to avoid favouring any of the teams in contention.

The quarter finals kick off on Saturday, 9th December 2017 with Mumbo against Mukonde which will take place at Magale play ground in Namidindwa district.

Lutsekhe will face Wakoko on Sunday, 10th December at the Bududa town council play ground.

On the same day, Hugu plays Halasi at Masaba S.S play ground in Sironko and Wabwala will take on Siu at the Magale play ground.

Netball will also be played concurrently this Saturday and Sunday.

The finals for both football and Netball competitions will be played on 17th December at Mbale Municipal Stadium.

The tourney drew teams from all the clans under the Bamasaba Cultural institution as Inzu Ya Masaba.

They include among others Lago,  Mubutu,  Saano,  Tandiga. Wakoko ,  Masifa, Mumbo,  Siu,  Hugu,  Magaie,  Lutsekhe,  Wafumbo,  Kigai,  Kobero,  Mutilu, Mututa,  Wangokho,  Busoba,  Wabwala.  Mushika, Halasi, Muyobo, Musoba, Shiende, Sulaiman, Luganya, Ginyanya.

FOOTBALL (Quarter Finals):

Quarter Final 1:

  • Mumbo Vs Mukonde (9th December 2017) – Magale play ground in Namisindwa district.

Quarter Final 2:

  • Lutsekhe Vs Wakoko (10th December 2017) – Bududa Town Council playground in Bududa District

Quarter Final 3:

  • Hugu Vs Halasi – (10th December 2017)-Masaba SS Play ground in Sironko District.

Quarter Final 4:

  • Wabwala Vs  Siu  – (10th December 2017)- Magale play ground in Namisindwa district

Semi Finals:

  • Lutsekhe/Wakoko Vs Mumbo /Mukonde- (13th December 2017 at Mbale Municipal Stadium )
  • Hugu/Halasi Vs Wabwala/Siu-(13th December 2017 at Mbale Municipal Stadium )

NETBALL Quarter Finals;

  • Lago Vs Wangokho – 9th December 2017 Bulago primary school Playground.
  • Lutseke vs Wakoko on 10th December at Bududa town council play ground in Bududa district
  • Hugu vs Muyobo on 10th December Masaba SS play ground in Sironko district
  • Kobero vs Siu on 10th December at Magale play ground in Namisindwa

Round of 16 Results (FOOTBALL)

Saturday 2nd December 2017

  • Halasi 4-0 Shiende  (Goals by Siu Sergio X2  and Wanda Reagan)
  • Hugu 2-0 Wafumbo * (Match was abandoned in second half due to chaos by fans. Points were awarded to Hugu by the technical committee)
  • Wabwala 3-0  Mutiru
  • Siu 3-0 Lago (Goals by Wepondi Joab X2 and Mutenyo Jesse
  • Wakoko 3-0 Kigai
  • Lutsekhe 0 (2) -0 (0) Tandiga
  • Mukonde 0 (4) – 0 (2) Muyobo
  • Luganya 1-2 MumboNetball:
    • Wakoko 22-11 Kigai
    • Lutsekhe 20-01 Tandiga
    • Wangokho 20 – 12 Halasi
    • Lago 17- 5 Mumbo

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