Entebbe Club: Uganda’s best golfing picturesque hub

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Dennis Asaba smiles as he walks to Entebbe Club House alongside the other national team golfers

Often tagged as the rich-man’s sport, golf is one unique game that encompasses all elements of humanity – patience, precision, timeliness, agility, humor, love and delight, name it.

Entebbe Municipality is such a privileged entity to have a vast golfing facility in its midst.

Entebbe Golf Course, too is blessed for its proximity to the lavish presidential palace – Entebbe State House, Entebbe Municipal Council main headquarters, the famous Muzinga Square, Entebbe Wildlife Education Center (The Zoo), Laico Lake Victoria, Imperial Resort and Golf Course Hotels as well as Africa’s largest fresh water body, being situated on the Lake Victoria peninsular.

For its rich flora, Entebbe Golf Course happens to take a safe haven and refugee on the unique and beautiful peninsular.

The course is arguably the oldest in the East and Central Africa region, sitting on a vast 100 plus hectares of land decimated by rich variety and species of vegetation (trees and grasses) that also accommodates wild game, to preserve and conserve nature.

Entebbe Golf Course is aged 113 years given the historical foundation since 1903 during the colonial epoch of Sir Harry Johnstone, John Hannington Speke and Hesketh Bell.

The course is a par 72 with the 18th hole named the Danny Nkata Drive, after the legendary first African black golfer, Dan Nkata, also the first FIFA Referee south of the Sahara.

Golfers across the divide have christened the Entebbe Course as the most ‘challenging and trickiest’ on the land for its dog –legged fairways and undulating terrain.

The community and country’s affluent class converge on this course for a round or two after that sweaty swing, chip and putt onto the well maintained fairways and greens.

© Kawowo Sports | DAVID ISABIRYE
Davis Kato chips to the 18th pin at Entebbe Golf Club course.

Along the course, they discuss all sorts of enticing topics that cut across politics, sports, business and the latest current affairs within the country, region and the globe.

Unlike the commonly known assertion that golf is played by the rich alone, the middle class gets to mix and mingle with the ‘B’ and ‘C’ class clusters during normal play and merry making at the famous and treasured 19th hole.

Oscar Ssemawere, the vice-captain at the club reasons the course and the newly refurbished club house offers the best services any golfer would get at any golfing destination world over.

“Entebbe Municipality is privileged to have a course of this stature. It is a standard course with a green undulating terrain, decimated by tree, sand and water hazards. The fairways, rough and the greens are well maintained,” Ssemawere remarks.

Albeit, the public school of thought, Golf does not discriminate against the marginalized and less privileged in the community as the public contends.

Rather, it remains all-embracing sport cherished and loved across the world.

Kawowo Sports
A golfer watching over the ball in a singleton golf challenge event at Entebbe Golf Club

Many Entebbe Municipality residents are employed at the club as club waiters and waitresses, fairways as well as greens maintainers and worthy noting as caddies to the players.

The club professional captain Dickson Lagoro, himself a former caddie gives a bright and positive hope to the young and aspiring golfers.

“We all started from scratches before turning professional where we get our daily bread and butter. Entebbe Club made me what I am and this is the reason, I encourage many young golfers to take on this game with seriousness and passion,” Dickson, now a full time club captain commands.

Lagoro is among the graduates at the club who directly earn their bread and butter through golf.

The club also has household names as Deo Akope (Uganda Professional Golf Association president), Amos Kamya (head coach of Uganda national golf team), professionals as Vincent Araali Byamukama, Simon Odong, Peter Ssendaula, Willy Deus Kitata, Robert Oluba, Henry Lujja and the like who are typical role models to the up-coming young golfers.

© Kawowo Sports | DAVID ISABIRYE
Suzan Nkata Mubiru, daughter to the legendary Danny Nkata. Nkata senior was the first FIFA Referee south of the Sahara and one of the first black golfers in Uganda. He also designed the current shape of Entebbe Golf Club

One thing you can’t miss out when visit the club is the healthy local competition between the Kabalaza and Katogo groups.

Add to the newly refurbished club house, well maintained fairways and the historic trophies cabinet where the treasured colonial plaques are jealously well kept, Entebbe club is the place to be.

Sponsors too, have also found the best avenue of how best to market and promote their respective services and products to the potential customers and consumers.

Given that rich background, Golf and Entebbe Municipality are as treasurable and inseparable as newly born Siamese twins.

Let go driving with that perfect driving swing, the incredible chip to the greens and the final putt to the pins.

The final celebration is always at the famous 19th hole with the choruses of Entebbe Choir.

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