Wathum demands execution, team play from Titans

Photo Credits: Tsaubah Stone
Brian Wathum

Brian Wathum wants KIU Titans to execute at a “high level” when closing out quarters.

KIU Titans have struggled during crunch time in the opening two games of the 2017 National Basketball League finals in which they have fallen to City Oilers.

And heading into Game 3 tonight, Wathum wants his charges to execute during that period to give themselves a chance of cutting the deficit.

“I think we shall give a bigger fight on Wednesday (today),” he said after the 76-72 loss in Game 2.

“We have to execute at a high level when closing out quarters especially the fourth quarter. If we can execute and get something in those last possessions we have have both offensively and defensively, we give ourselves a chance to win the game.”

The former Power and Knight Riders coach wants his charges to play more as a team rather than depend on individual brilliance as they have mostly done in the two games.

“My coaching philosophy has always been to empower the whole team and no empower individuals. If the whole team plays at a certain level, we can steal one game and start from there but now we are depending so much on tough shots, tough makes of individual players and really that’s not how I like it.

“My philosophy is team play both defensively and offensively and that has not quite happened in the last two games.”

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