Making sense of Bul’s petition against Vipers

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Vipers XI with the BUL captain, Umar Mukobe

Following Vipers’ failure to produce players’ licenses before the game against Bul, the Jinja based side lodged a petition against the two-time champions.

The match which ended a goalless draw at Kakindu stadium which saw the Venoms cede ground in the title race.

Bul, in a letter dated April 12 accused Vipers of breaking FUFA Competitions Rule, Article 26 that talks about inspection of players’ licenses.

“On Wednesday 11th April 2018, the above mentioned game (Match No 185, BUL football club vs Vipers Sports Club), during the inspection of licenses, it was found out that the visitors (Vipers SC) didn’t have all the players’ licenses… read part of the letter addressed to the league CEO.

“However, the CEO Vipers SC (Lwanga Peter) promised to download a soft copy of the licenses before the commencement of the second half which he did not do,” it added.

© Kawowo Sports | DAVID ISABIRYE
Some of the Vipers players pose with the backs facing the camera to capture the shirt numbers

The game was played and the photos of the Vipers SC players taken together with the center referee and the captain of BUL football club. I refer to the FUFA Competitions rules, Article 26 inspection of licenses.”

Article 26 of the FUFA Competitions Rules 2017/18

26.1 There shall always be an inspection of the licenses by the Captains of each club supervised by the referee and match commissioner/assessor if appointed before the kickoff of the matches. All players’ licenses must be presented by the club officials.

26.2 A player (s) whose license cannot be presented by club officials at the time of inspection shall be ineligible to play in the respective FUFA Competition Match unless such a license(s) are presented before the resumption of the second half of the respective club officials shall consequently delete the players’ name from the match sheet.

26.3 All player licenses shall be as described in these rules

26.4 In the event that all player licenses are missing;

i. Such cases should be reported to the nearest Police Station 4 hours before kick off and the matter shall be referred to the TOC for appropriate action.

ii. The club that defaults in application of Article 26.4 in totality shall lose the match by forfeiture.

iii. If the team defaulting Article 26.4 is the home team, the match shall not be played, that team shall lose the match by forfeiture on top of a fine of 1000 UAs

iv. Article 26.4 (i) shall apply in case both teams did not have licenses but both shall be fined.

Does Bul have a genuine case?

Although Vipers SC were supposed to report to the Police four hours before kickoff which they didn’t do as explained in article 26.4 (i), they may be let off the hook by section 26.4 (iv) since Bul had licenses.

The ruling on the matter will be eagerly awaited not only by the two clubs but title chasers and relegation fighting clubs as well.

As usual, we shall keep you updated on the any development.

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