Was the $3 million Sports Broadcasting deal a prank?

[/media-credit] The dummy cheque handover of Sports Broadcasting Limited

“I would like to expound that the previous deal we had signed with Sports Broadcasting Limited has been mutually terminated,” said Fufa president Moses Magogo at the unveiling of the StarTimes deal.

In January this year, Fufa and FSL/UPL announced a shilling 10 billion ($ 3million) four year deal from Sports Broadcasting Limited at a function at Serena Hotel, Kampala.

This was bold of FA and the clubs as Sports Broadcasting seemed non-existent at the time and if appeared, was meant to learn on the job unlike Azam TV who had been in the business for at least three years.

A lot of questions were asked by the football fraternity about the whereabouts of the company that had taken over rights of the two top leagues in the country as well as the traditional Uganda Cup competition.

Dennis Mbidde, the ‘Managing Director of Sports Broadcasting,’ confidently answered all questions regarding the company by stating the company was very competent and had many other partners on board.

We are solid and we have some of the most competent partners and sponsors coming on board. And we are here for a long haul.

Magogo also described the deal as a new dawn in Ugandan football that was to see more sponsors coming on board – just like he said at Hotel African on Thursday when StarTimes was unveiled in a 10 year deal worth $ 7.24 million.

We are witnessing a new dawn and the beginning of an avalanche of sponsors to football. I’m glad that now pieces are finally being put in place to get together our real football product, our real sports product.

But what raised more eyebrows was the fact that most club chairpersons distanced self from the deal.

“As SC Villa we were not involved in any discussions and were only invited to attend the unveiling,” revealed Ben Immanuel Misagga, then SC Villa president in an interview with the Daily Monitor.  “The deal is strange because previously we have been consulted like in the Azam and ForteBet (Man of the Match) deals even when we thought the money was not sufficient,” he continued before asking a pertinent question.

But if the money is meant for us how come we were not informed.

For Kirinya-Jinja boss Diana Nyago, it was the first time she was hearing about the sponsorship deal.

I am just hearing about it for the first time but as club chairpersons we have not been informed. We last had a meeting at the start of the season. I suppose they will tell us what the deal is about because you just can’t give money to club without informing them.

Vipers’ Haruna Kyobe and Proline director Mujib Kasule also echoed nearly similar sentiments about a deal that was set to begin on June but never took off.

“At the moment we cannot know whether the deal will benefit clubs or not because we were not furnished with details,” Kyobe told Monitor Sport. “We need to know for example where the games will be shown if on free to air or foreign channels,” he went on.

What our readers said;

Our readers also raised some questions with a one Eric Kironde asking – “Who are Sports Broadcast and where are they getting this kind of money from? While Peter went further to wonder whether the company had a bank account.

Then a legitimate sponsor will have to pay sports broadcasting a ransom to access the league!. Does the so called sports broadcasting even have a bank statement? Even a Minister attended! S**t hole Country.

For Allan, perhaps doing some research about the company couldn’t believe but posted.


With all the questions asked then, time was meant to provide the best answer and has well done.

That leaves a big question, was the deal a hoax? Your guess is as good as mine.

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