Cricket Cranes no better one year later

Cricket Cranes players Roger Mukasa, Brian Masaba and Arnold Otwani react 

The Cricket Cranes campaign in Oman came an embarrassing end losing by 10 wickets to hosts Oman. The Cricket Cranes won the toss and could only score 59 runs signs of a team going through the emotions.

The 10 wicket loss brought an end to a disastrous to the Division 2 qualification campaign in which they managed to pick up only one win.

The five-wicket opening day win against Denmark was the only highlight for the Cricket Cranes in the Oman desert.

The side will now compete in a new World Cricket Challenge Group B with Kenya, Italy, Jersey, Bermuda in a bid to qualify for the 2023 World Cup.

However, the players and the technical side will need to do some soul searching in a bid to gain some upward movement. Apart from the returning Arnold Otwani and Frank Nsubuga with the ball, the rest of the players were way below average and the early loss of Irfan Afridi due to a suspect blowing action further sunk the team.

The association needs to make some tough changes if the team is to compete in the deadly Group B of the World Cricket Challenge.

With Uganda due to host the World Cup T20 Qualifiers in May next year, Cricket Cranes will need to put on a good show to be able to win back a lot of its fans.

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