ARC eases on participation as championship begins in Ivory Coast

Reigning NRC champion; Manvir Baryan

In a bid to revive the Africa Rally Championship (ARC) competition, a set of regulations have been introduced for this year’s series. 

The major changes includes the new scoring system, re-start after retirement and also non-restrictive entries per country. 

After several rejections to amend the ARC scoring system, this season’s scores have been descripted as impressive and encouraging to the competition. 

With the new system, crews will score separate points from both day one and day two of an event. 

After day one, points will be allocated according to the final classification with a scoring of 25, 18, 15 12 for positions earned.

However, leg one of any event must cover between 40-60percent of the rally’s total distances for crews to be eligible for day one points. 

On the final day or at the end of the rally, crews will again score points basing on the final classification of the event. 

“With the new changes, FIA was looking for solutions to improve on the championship as well as encouraging more participants. Now a crew can score as many as 50 points if they top both legs,”said Surinder Thatthi; FIA Vice President in-charge of Africa. 

“It was also intended to give an opportunity for a crew to score some points incase they retired out of the rally. The traveling crews would not come out completely with nothing from any event,” he told Kawowo Sports. 

This year’s championship will also incorporate the re-start rule after retirement. 

Crew will be permitted to re-start on day two incase they retire on the opening leg of the rally.

However, for every special stage the crew has missed, they will be given the fastest times posted from stages plus a seven minutes penalty. 

The crew will also be subjected to re-scruitneering by the technical delegate before starting day two. 

Meanwhile, the 2019 regulations dropped the rule requiring crews to participate in at least two events from each region(South or North) to be eligible for ARC title. 

“The competition has been lately receiving less entries. Like last season, only Manvir and Pierro were eligible after participating in the two regions. 

“This time we have made it open. A crew can choose specific events they can do in a season and still be eligible for ARC points, regardless of the region,” added Surinder. 

The 2019 ARC revs off this weekend with the traditional season opener; Rally Bandama in Ivory Coast. 

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