Serebe Yoranum: The 51 year old Mutesa II Wankulukuku Stadium groundsman

Time immemorial, flourishing personalities at various places of work have always aligned their success scripts to key life factors as commitment, unquestionable dedication and seldom, sheer luck.

For 51 year old Serebe Yoranum, it is a combination of the aforementioned aspects coupled with his wily character to maneuver through the agents of change and sometimes the usually hostile working conditions.

serebe wankulukuku groundsman

A resident of Makindye, a Kampala city suburb, Serebe has been the grounds man of 25 years at the Mutesa II Stadium, Wankulukuku found in Kitebe town.

The proud father of four revels in his full time job that has brought him closer to some of the finest footballers to grace the field of play in Uganda.

I love my job of looking after the playing turf at Mutesa II Stadium, Wankulukuku. I have worked here since 1990 and to date, I am the happiest that I continue to serve

A typical day in the life of Serebe starts from the time he wakes up at 5:30 a.m.

He then prepares with a cold shower and breakfast before he embarks on a trek to his place of work where he has to report by 8:30 a.m daily.

I respect no public holidays. Every other day is a working day for me because my dream each day is to see a fresh green looking environ at Wankulukuku stadium

Serebe is an off-spring to Topista Nakibuule and Emmanuel Ssendikadiwa, the third born in the family of 5, hailing from Namagunga in Mukono.

He recalls the 20th day of October 1990 when a friend Hussein Ssebuliba christened Kyabazinga advised him to join the task of looking after the ground at Wankulukuku.

serebe rakes

Serebe never hesitated the calling, and today, the task that he started as a hobby later transferred to be the job that he has served with diligence and ultimate commitment for 25 solid years.

With a customary infectious smile, Serebe elucidates on his key responsibilities among others;

My major task is to maintain the well being of the playing turf by removing wild grasses (weeds), manure application, re-fill barren patches and watering in dry season. I keep safe custody of the goal nets, corner flags as well as maintain the perimeter fencing

Out of the job, Serebe has been able to build a residential house as well as look after the family where all his four children are all in school.

Sandra Nsikombi, 22 is the oldest of Serebe’s children. She is a second year law student at Makerere University.

Serebe’s second oldest child, Stuart Mpangi is in senior four at Gezza S.S, the same class as Marvin Serebe.

His last born,  Amelia Nakalanzi is in P.6 at New Red Rock primary school in Mengo.

The Mutesa II stadium care taker, Nalinnya Sarah Kagere credits the incredible work of the grounds-man, whom he tags as ‘’hard-working’.

Mr Serebe has seen it all at Mutesa II Stadium. He loves his job. He is committed and we all respect him

The grounds-man himself attributes  his overwhelming passion for the job that he has served with one heart.

Come rain or shine, i am here at Mutesa II Stadium to do my work and deliver the best work


To every toil, there are occupational harzards and a few hiccups met here and there along the way.

flooded wankulukuku

Serebe confesses, the occasional harsh weather conditions at times make his work difficult.

When it rains so much, the turf over floods making it difficult to permit good drainage.

serebe drainage channel

By and large, Serebe has lived to enjoy his calling at Mutesa II Stadium, Wankulukuku, home to Express football club, one team that ushered him to the football front.

As a vivid Express F.C fan, he believes Fred Tamale remains the best player he has watched grace the turf that he passionately mows week in, week out.

Success Serebe.

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